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Senior Support Service in 2021

Senior Support Service in 2021

2021 felt somewhat like a rollercoaster – a year of hope punctuated by challenges, frustrations and pockets of joy and celebration. Despite the stop-start nature of ‘returning to normal’, we continued to seek opportunities to slot in activities for older people in our communities. Our community support work team reached out to many people locally who were feeling particularly isolated or lonely, and we expanded our befriending options to offer company and a friendly face.

It’s feel good all-round … What is one hour in your week? It’s nothing. It’s so simple, it’s so basic. And it means so much.”

Serving the Mervue Community

Serving the Mervue Community

Up to 2021, our work locally in Mervue was based in our drop-in Sonas Day Centre. However, social distancing needs meant the small space there became unsuitable for many of the usual activities. Thanks to the local parish, another building became available in the heart of Mervue right beside the church car park, which we refer to as “The Bungalow”. We have since been renovating the inside and outside to make it more suitable for group activities and community meetings.

I go to mass in Mervue and it is always mentioned on a Wednesday morning, that there is coffee afterwards in The Bungalow. … We have our tea and coffee, and a chat with our parish priest, Father Martin. So, as soon as we sit down … we hear all the bits and pieces of news. I thoroughly enjoy that, all the information that I wouldn’t get at home I have it here.”

It’s the companionship, … the banter and that. We have a bit of fun – a cup of tea, have the craic, a game of cards… otherwise I’d just be going around the town. There’d be nowhere to go if Sonas weren’t here.”

Nutritional Support at COPE Galway

Meet Éanna

Meet Éanna

Working for a social enterprise affords you the opportunity to take on multiple roles and responsibilities.”

Éanna, Kitchen Assistant and Meals4Health Administration Support, started out with Community Catering in 2017. Here, he had the chance to progress newly learned skills that were essential to working in a professional kitchen environment. He completed training in food safety, manual handling, fire safety, and first aid.

Meet our Volunteers

Meet our Volunteers

One of my favourite moments was when one service user opened the door with a big ‘Happy Birthday!’ They were spot on with the date – a remarkable feat of memory but also just lovely. It spoke of how much we’d gotten to know each other and enjoyed the calls”.